At Beaches Inspection Services, we pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date information and resources for homeowners & buyers getting ready to take that big step in their real estate transaction. We provide documents, credentials, and a list of preferred Inspectors and Contractors, that will help you better understand what sets us apart from other standard “ Jacksonville Home Inspection Services”.

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of  purchasing a House Inspection Jacksonville for all home Buyers & Sellers!
NEVER use an inspection service that doesn’t call you back!
NEVER use an inspection service that doesn’t bother providing information about their company or, what the best inspection process would be for your home in particular.
NEVER use an inspection service that quotes you extremely high or very low fees!
NEVER use a service that attempts to up-sell you on “infra-red” service, or offers to package a WDO service with the Home Inspection.
• ALWAYS hire legitimate & reputable Jacksonville Home Inspectors (STATE LICENSED) that don’t practice any of the above tactics and that don’t present biased opinions for realtors.
ALWAYS research your Jacksonville Home Inspector before you hire him to find out their history & reputation, look up their website & sample report to get a look at what you are getting for your dollars.
• ALWAYS be sure that the owner of the service will be your Jacksonville Home Inspector. His reputation is on the line and he won’t miss a thing!
ALWAYS be sure to call Beaches Inspection Services at (904)536-5542  for a comparative quote and the help that you deserve!