The Home Inspection Report for a Home Inspection Jacksonville, is the product you are buying, and is a direct reflection of the Inspector’s expertise. The Full Service report we produce is designed from the very best software available and our “High” standard provides the Customer with a detailed, color-coded report with digital photo integration, and is delivered within 24 hrs by email in Adobe Acrobat.

When it comes to “Fees”, the first rule to remember is “price does NOT dictate the level of service”. The cost of a Home Inspection is not a cut and dry figure because there is no standard pricing structure that all home inspectors go by, similar to what plumbers charge. Every inspector offers a different product and uses different inspecting methods. Getting ripped off for $600 to $800 by a bigger ‘name brand’ service can give you the same poor quality inspection report that a cheap, $250 service will provide. The best way to compare services is to review each website and download a sample report, which leads us to the second rule.

The second rule to remember is “the more thorough and detailed the report is, the better inspection you will receive from a more experienced Inspector.” Generally, a fair price for a normal size home ranges around $350 to $400, and most condos and town homes are even less. However, because there are so many variables, extra amenities, and unknowns about each home, we are unable to offer a price list when it comes the FULL SERVICE INSPECTION.  This is where we need to talk with you, so a fair price can be determined.

VERY IMPORTANT – WDO Inspections: Home inspection services are legally not permitted to offer WDO inspection services in the state of Florida. These services must be ordered through a licensed Pest Control Company with a employed Certified WDO inspector. Other home inspection services have been caught and punished for “packaging multiple inspections” into one service, which is detrimental to you as the homebuyer. Please contact us if you want to know more about how to get a WDO inspection, and we will even help arrange for a WDO inspector to contact you and set an appointment.